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FootballMania is an exciting sweepstakes fundraiser based on professional football. All sweepstakes game cards have an equal chance to win prize money based on the performance of the random football teams printed on the back. Game cards contain 3 random teams in each of the 17 weeks of the pro football season (you get 3 new teams each week). To play the game, participants simply add up the points scored by their 3 teams. Every week, the 8 highest scoring game cards and the 3 lowest scoring game cards all win prizes. In addition, two grand prizes are awarded at the end of the season. There are 4,960 unique game cards, each of which has a minimum 1 in 27 chance to win a prize during the season. View detailed prize money amounts below.  

The fee is $50 per participant.  It is set up to where you play until you lose 3 times.  You pick only one game per week.  You can only use a team once to win throughout the entire season.  Example: Once you pick the Rams to win, you can not use them the entire season [win or lose]  Thus its called "Survivor."  


The season starts September 5th.  The monies will be split 50/50 at the end of the regular season.  The person with the least amt. of loses will be determined the winner.  In the case of a tie[s], it will be split.  The team will get half of the total earnings regardless.


I have an acct. which I will forward to those who sign up no later than August 22nd. Those who pay will receive the link to play.

Corn Hole -Brimhall

Come support Brimhall 16U softball team. We are gearing up for an out of state showcase and would love your support. This is our 5th Annual event, it's a blast and you may win some cool stuff. PM IF interested. If you can't make it donations work just as well.

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